Jurnal Jendela Ilmu

“Jurnal Jendela Ilmu” is a journal that contains research results and literature studies on social sciences, Eksata science and education. The purpose of this journal is so that lecturers and researchers publish their research results to be considered as a source of science and technology development. The journal is published 2 times a year, namely in June and December. Each article's script will be review by an auditory team that fits its field of knowledge.

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Vol 5, No 1 (2024): Juni

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Nur Safitri, Aprinda Pricilia Bria, Evelin Marlin Asmuruf, Semuel Rombon, Nardin Ahmad, Fensca Fenolisa Lahallo
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Lisa Novelsia Wattimena, Eche Dias, Sila Sangkek, Eugenia Kbarek, Panji K. Pramatya, Jefri Saryono, Simon Brian Latumahina, Johanis Gemenop, Jalmijn Tindage
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La ode Madina, Salfian Kaimudin
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Joseph Eliza Lopulalan, Aram Palilu
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Hermelina Solissa
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